Post Lockdown – Update 3


Graffham Tennis Club

Hello everyone,

We had a new update this week. Players from different households can now play doubles together as long as they stay two metres apart as far as possible, and small group coaching for up to six people (including coaches) can resume.

I hope you are all becoming more fluent with the booking system. As I said last week, using some form of booking sysytem will most likely be something of a permanent fixture in due course. We are testing an online system at present.

If there is anything that is not as it should be, please do let me, or any member of the committee know.

In the mean time, here are the rules again:

1.       Make sure that you have paid your subscription – This applies to everyone using the courts whether playing yourselves or being coached.

2.       Read and follow the rules/guidance of the Government/LTA

3.       Book a court – UPDATE 16th June – Use the Court Booking system for general play and Richard Hopp for coaching

4.       ONLY go to/use the courts if you have booked.

5.       Buy , bring and use a hand sanitiser. There will be some at the courts but bring your own to be sure.

6.       Wash your hands before leaving home and afterwards

When at the Courts:

1.       Use a hand sanitiser before playing and afterwards

2.       Maintain social distancing at all times, this includes:

a.      Parking and approaching/leaving the courts

b.      Entering or exiting the courts

c.      Playing when there are other members on the courts who are not from your household.

d.      Making sure that you pick up and use only your own equipment (clothing, racquets and balls – mark your tennis balls to identify your own) – any items left behind after you have finished will have to be destroyed

3.       Singles can be played with one person outside your household.

4.       Doubles can be played with players from different households.

5.       Junior members aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

6.       Be careful. Try to avoid injuries as a result of over-enthusiasm!

Having left the courts:

1.       Please give us some feed back as to how you think it is going –

Important Note

Please note that the Pavilion (and therefore the loos) remains closed as does the Playground.  Please do not use, or let your children use, either.

Stay safe and keep playing!!