Court booking changes

Hi News,

Our court booking has been migrated over to the LTA system due to the previous vendor implementing a $500 per year charge from the start of 2024.   The website has been updated with the new booking page embeded, or you can link to it directly at

  1. All existing bookings have been transferred to the new LTA booking system
  2. If you are an LTA member already simply use your LTA login (same as used in the Wimbledon ballot) to make a booking 
  3. If you aren’t a member of the LTA yet, which is free, the first time you try to book a court you will be asked to create a log in.
    • The only information you will be asked for is:

                                                               i.      First Name / Last Name

                                                             ii.      DOB / Gender

                                                           iii.      Email address

                                                           iv.      User Name

                                                             v.      Password

This new booking system is very simple to use and comes as part of our LTA venue registration.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!


Graffham Tennis Club